Mujer disfrutando de una taza de café en una cabaña del campamento Pachico's.

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This accommodation is ideal for those who love nature and taking a break from stressful daily life.


The cabins are located at the foot of the lagoon, surrounded by desert plants, open landscapes, and vast plains. Rainfalls are very scarce in the area, and the water for human comes from the oasis of San Ignacio, making it a costly and highly valued resource.

Cabaña Estándar
$900 MXN Person/night
Cabaña Premium
$1500 MXN Person/night
Cabaña Lujo
$2000 MXN Person/night
Mapa de Laguna San Igancio. Se muestra como llegar a la comunidad del "El Cardón".
Mujer liberando una tortuga marina durante un monitoreo.

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